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It is okay to feel a little bit lost and alone even though you have Stedman and Gayle and everyone else around you. It does not matter how old one is when you lose your father. The issue is that the connection to life is broken.

But GOD is your refuge and fortress. A very present help in times of trouble

We are spirit soul and body and connect to our parents – spirit, soul, and body. When GOD our maker created the first family, it was for eternal connection here on the earth. We are not created to be disconnected from our parents so when they pass, we cannot see them or communicate with them any longer but the vital connection we have with them is still there. It is now a broken link.

This is a link no one else can fill as no one else brought us here. The part we feel most is the problems they shielded us from and we were not even aware of it because they provided a cover and interceded for us.

The man is the owner of the seed and the one that has to account for his family and is held responsible for what goes on in his home and his children’s life. If there is no father around, the mother cannot fully cover and so you find the issues that fatherless children have which is why Motherless children miss the nurturing, and the fatherless miss the cover. The Scriptures make specific mention of the fatherless as they have no one to cover them and need direct intervention from GOD on their behalf. When we as adults lose our fathers, we too fall into this category and many times will feel all alone without help.

When those times come remember how your father covered you and what he would have said. Turn to GOD our father whose we ultimately are and who uses our parents to bring us here.

It is Him you must turn to now. He is your only father now. You are doubly blessed because you are a direct seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The world has tried to make us forget who we are including trying to give our identity to others and refusing to acknowledge us but calling us by our color instead of recognizing whose children we are in order to try to steal the blessing which cannot be stolen as it is given to us by the covenant of our birth.

This is the reason for many of today’s problems because the world has tried to redefine GOD’s creation instead of recognizing his purpose and plan and entering into the blessing directly or through the light of those who have the light. Pigmentation is light. It is the cover of light that connects us to the earth and that enables us to connect with GOD, and to hear from His Spirit. It is the reason He made the covenant with us and no one else and why salvation can only come from us. It is not a rejection of the others but a way to provide access to whosoever will through those who can by birth.

It enables us to be the light of the world and helps us to be the cover for those with little or no pigmentation. It helps us receive light fields needed to handle life’s stresses and to carry out the various aspect of life calmly. We are more able to receive truth and are more able to be empathetic as a result of it.

Less pigmented people have more problems with all this but GOD has made a way for them to be able to receive though they do not have their own adequate pigmentation. He established this order in Noah and made a way for the generations of Japheth to be able to attain to the blessing by dwelling under the cover of the generations of Shem. This blessing was passed down through the generations to Abraham and then to Isaac and then to Jacob who had power with GOD so much so that all his generations and not just one were the recipients of the blessing.

This is where I will stop. Please be encouraged. Things will become clearer each day though sometimes you may find yourself taking several steps backward. Our father will provide you with the strength to recover and push forward. A way has been made for you to be able to handle the disconnected link through the covenant we made on Mt. Sinai which our Savior enables us to be able to keep.

Use this as your pick-me-up page and share it with whosoever you want. It is your page as long as this website is functional.

Encourage others you meet especially our people who do not know themselves or the great privilege provided to them or the responsibility they have. They are the light but prefer to listen to those who try to define them as worthless out of ignorance.

Consequently, racial discrimination is actually spiritual suicide because those who perpetrate reject their light and cover and so are unable to receive from GOD and are frustrated without realizing that their discrimination is what is preventing them from receiving because when they discriminate against the person who is born a Jew they discriminate against the Savior and against GOD himself. They discriminate against their blessing and oppress their blessings away.

This is one of the reasons why we have global poverty and vainly try to define poverty as wealth. We have global warming and climate change because humans are defining themselves as god as if they can control the weather and refuse to stay on the earth but go to space to provoke the sun and the moon who are in charge of the weather, day, and night seasons climate temperature and so on as The Scriptures tell us. We pour chemicals not supposed to be in space there not having an understanding of what it means to be human computers and just a part of the earth’s natural computer system.

Outer space is used to cleanse our environment by the sun and moon who are not subject to human manipulation and who have sent us warnings in the form of global warming and climate change to cease and desist. If you want to know more please read my many blogs especially the new ones at

Take heart. There is a need for a fundamental shift in the way we human beings think. Everything is off now, We are very limited beings not because our Maker GOD does not want us to have more but because we have misused and destroyed everything given so far and have shown ourselves incapable of obedience.. We are here to take care of the earth not to destroy it as we are currently doing.

Bye for now. I hope you have found some solace from this page and that I have not gone too deep for you. I am trying to cheer you up and help you get some understanding so you know the basis of your hope that can withstand any shaking.

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