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Mental health is a subject many people think they have a good understanding of as it relates to today’s world. Most people agree that global warming and climate change are the result of human activity but do not relate it to a mental health crisis. They are unable to discern the mental health symptoms.

When we talk about these activities many of which seem foolhardy we do not normally consider them to be a mental health issues but they really are. It shows the low level of real mental health awareness and why the whole world is in a big mess.

Economic greed is the door that has landed everyone into this mental health crisis. It led the kingdoms of Europe and the Americas to choose to turn away from at least a pretext of serving our maker into a foolish idea that they could steal the world and its system from our maker and make everything in their image and the way they foolishly thought it should be i.e. a world without the constraints put in by our maker to achieve his purpose for His creation.

They assumed they could replace the maker.  They did not understand the concept of coding or of computers. They had bought into the occult-inspired theory of evolution which states there was a big bang and does not acknowledge our maker but depends on humans defining things according to their imagination of what they want them to be. They assumed that the human was in control and that nature bends to the human whim.

They believed that since they had managed to deceive the kings of the Benin Empire our maker had Himself established and from which wealth was transmitted all over the world by trade into selling themselves as slaves without apparent repercussions, it meant they could find a way to control the kingdom and replace Benin with themselves, acquire all the knowledge and technology, take on the Jewish identity of Benin, create a version of Israel where Europeans would take on the identity of the people of Benin replacing them as the Levitical priesthood had been deceived to self destroy thereby removing the cover that kept the people as the Jerusalem Church..

This it was assumed would transfer the kingdom blessings and the world now under new leadership and order contrary to The Scriptures would make the cult of secret societies be in charge and thereby live forever in the wealth as they would control the source of wealth.

This is the mental health breakdown that has brought us to where we are today. The plan failed to achieve the plan, it ended up making the whole world immediately go from wealth to immediate poverty. Instead of repenting the nations decided to redefine poverty as wealth and then having acquired the technology of computers and rockets from Benin after its fall, they proceeded to turn the failed earth war into a space war. They would invade space and control it and use the acquired wealth on earth by colonizing the sun, moon, and stars.

How did the mental conditions of humans break down to this level.A level no existing mental health services as we know it today can handle.

How did we get here:

  1. In a bid for economic dominance, European nations decided that they needed to get control over the Benin Empire which was the source of science, financial knowledge, and wealth that was enjoyed globally. They wanted to control the wealth and not depend on what our maker revealed to and permitted Benin to share.
  2. They had lost a lot with the ending of slavery and felt there was a need to speed up things. Through occult alliances with other parts of the world, a plan was hatched to destabilize Benin, get the Levitical Priesthood to self-destroy by turning from serving our Maker into serving the kings of Europe, creating unrest by introducing greed by bribing local leaders with promises of leadership in the new structure, convincing them to adulterate their language of Hebrew and become like Europeans.
  3. It was presented as freedom but freedom from what was not fully explained and the people did not realize they were being led into rejecting their God and their Messiah and being brought to serve a humanly defined pretext and not the God of their fathers. Benin was operated as a unit with many local leaders. Each leader was autonomous and traded autonomously with Europe e.g. The gold Coast, Dahomey Eko/Lagos, and so on
  4. The children of Israel in the Benin empire failed to understand the European culture of pretext i.e. faking things with the hope of accomplishing it by getting others to buy in. This was used to present a rosy picture of life that deceived others into assuming Europeans had a knowledge of our maker and a relationship with Him that did not exist. It made others trust without verifying and is the basis for the 3 main religions on the earth today. They all came from European imagination and were not based on truth.
  5. It is also the basis for today’s entertainment from Hollywood and theater and of the imagined freedom provided by democracy.
  6. The fall of the Benin Empire gave rise to colonization as each autonomous part fell and access to the technology the rest of the world was looking for as well as the precious minerals and foods, herbs and so on. It came at a price.
  7. The colonizers immediately lost their kingdoms including what they had before the plot against our maker to steal the heart of His people from Him so that they were deceived into worshipping a pretext instead of worshipping our Maker. As the European kingdoms, right to the last one –the Ottoman Kingdom lost their power, they passed things on to the USA which went in as a friend after each divided part of Benin got its independence.
  8. In a bid to make things work, independence was agreed upon with the aid of the United Nations giving great access to the USA and various nations bought into the freedom promised them that they would achieve through democracy and participation and allegiance to secret societies they were told were the way to guaranteed political success. They had been sold into darkness without knowing
  9. They did not realize it was a way to ensure they could not be an empire used by our maker in a bid to enforce an order where darkness ruled but the blessings of light were received. This was the plan.
  10. Since wealth could only come from the maker and only through the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the rest of the world could not rule over them in any way shape, or form because of the covenant to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the covenant through their Messiah, the rest of the world hatched a plan to rope them into the new order.
  11. They would be made to change their education into one promoting the USA and European ideals so that the blessings and prosperity received from our maker would be automatically turned over. This way the rest of the world would have all the wealth and the dominion.
  12. Unfortunately for the planners, this is not the plan of our Maker who alone calls the shots. It does not take care of the earth. The people of Benin who had taken care of the earth were deceived into becoming corrupted exploiters.
  13. Things did not work as planned as the system of the world is just a part of the coded natural system of the earth. Humans have no way of changing anything. Every idea humans can ever come up with was already thought of and the solutions were all baked in much like any computer system including artificial intelligence and robots.
  14. All the problems and options are thought of and solutions put in place so that when real-life situations meet those options the robots and machines and computers respond as coded. Without predeterminations and coding the robots, computers, etc. would not be able to respond and come up with error messages at best or collapse.
  15. With an end to global wealth and no way of reversing things, Europe and the USA came up with the idea of self-deception that if the Old Benin Empire members being sons of God could be roped in by deceiving them into believing deficit financing was wealth, they could be deceived into selling their assets for nothing. Though these nations were deceived and their wealth acquired, the acquirers found that it turned into poverty in their hands.
  16. In desperation and in defiance the rest of the world decided the only way to turn things back to wealth and establish a new world order when humans and not our maker controls the earth was by controlling space. Humans would wage an invasive war against the sun, moon, and stars and thereby have unlimited wealth to share. The rest as they say is history
  17. This space war is what has triggered climate change and global warming. We are all in deep trouble and must change our way of thinking to align with that of our maker as the earth which must choose to continue carrying humans is no longer interested in doing so.   

This is where we are at today. The only way out is to change our way of thinking. Humans are not in charge. Yes, the Scriptures did talk of a time when humans would be able to operate in righteousness and then be allowed some form of reign but Our maker would ultimately be the ruler but would work through humans.

We had a taste of this in the Benin Empire. Benin in Hebrew means sons or children. Consequently, this was the empire of the children of Israel as the children of God our maker. That is the only way humans can be in charge as obedient, anointed covenant-keeping righteous people who could be seen as children of our maker.

The light must be allowed to shine for people to see the way. They must be allowed to go back to being the Jerusalem Church with their Levites and their Messiah as it was before without interference.